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Gala Concert 2008 - ...and All That Jazz

The band onstage Dixieland jazz group - Jason, Chris, Brandy and Laurel Saxophone ensemble Danny and Lawrence on clarinet Lawrence, Geoff, Jack and Christina on clarinet Geoff, Jack, Christina and Tania on clarinet Christina, Tania, Claire, Christine and John on clarinet John, Sue and Marnie on clarinet Vicki, Belinda and Lynnette on flute Lynnette, Fiona and Jack on flute Jack, Nicole and Rebecca on flute Rebecca, Debbie and David on flute Barry and Peter Opus 21 Big Band Barry and Chris with Opus 21 Big Band Shirley with Opus 21 Big Band Manningham Concert Band and Opus 21 Big Band

Images courtesy of Denise Illing

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