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Spring Favourites Concert 2010

The right side of the band Andrew and the left side of the band The left side of the band Tubular Bells and Timpani Trumpets at ease Woodwind at ease Saxophone at ease French Horn David on French Horn David on French Horn Timpani Nicole and Martin Sarina Sarina on Tubular Bells Alistair on Cymbals Tuba Tuba Scott on Trombone Richard on Cornet Greg on Trumpet Don on Trumpet Frances on Trumpet Greg on Trumpet The Trumpet Section
Rachael and Chris Trombones, French Horns and Clarinets Plucked Double Bass Bowed Double Bass Milosh on Double Bass Milosh on Double Bass
Saxophone John on Saxophone Caroline on Saxophone Caroline, Grahame and Jack on Saxophone
Clarinet Lawrence and Tania on Clarinet Trumpets and Clarinets Ciska on Clarinet Andrew on Clarinet
Flute Sarah on Flute Oboe

Images courtesy of Denise Illing

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