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About the band

A horn-player's badge of honour


honour roll


Peter Owen 1975-1976
Bill Edgar 1976-1978
Dulcie Crouch 1979-1981
Richard Desmond 1981-1983
Jim Cuthbert 1983-1984
Ted Clarke 1984-1989
Andrew van Gemert 1989-1990
Barbara Jones 1990-1995
Alan Hampson 1995-1996
Barry Clarke 1996-2002
Elizabeth Vaughan 2002-2003
Shirley Clarke 2003-2005
Peter McClive 2005-2012
Rachael D'Rozario 2012-2013
Frances Hatcher 2013-2014
Nicole Gee 2014-2018
Lynnette Reid-Price 2018-present

Life Members

Ted Clarke 1990
Andrew van Gemert 1995
Rebecca Gorrell 1999
Barbara Jones 2002
Barry Clarke 2004
Peter McClive 2013
Debbie Tasker 2019

35 year Members

Andrew vG
Debbie T

30 year Members

Ted C

25 year Members

Barbara J
Peter P
Jill W

20 year Members

Greg A
Barry C
David F
Nicole G
Peter M
Tania M
Sarina W

15 year Members

Shirley C
Geoff I
Danny K
Christina R
Lynnette R-P
Jo R
Marnie S
Duncan S
Andrew T

10 year Members

Sue A
Ian A
Rosa A
Sophie A
Martin B
Grahame C
Rebecca D
Ben H
Cathy L
John Mu
John My
Trevor V
Olivia W


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