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Ringtones currently available
(average mp3 file 0.5 MB, check back for updates):
Ringtone 1 (We're off to see the Wizard)
Ringtone 2 (The Magnificent Seven)
Ringtone 3 (Radetsky March)
Ringtone 4 (The Man from Snowy River)
Ringtone 5 (Highland Cathedral)
NEW Ringtone 6 (Consider Yourself)
NEW Ringtone 7 (Fascinating Rhythm)
NEW Ringtone 8 (Song & Dance)

Extended Concert Performances
(for direct listening/viewing or listening via an mp3 player):
Variations on a Korean Folk Song (mvt 2) - Barnes Chance (1 MB mp3 file)
Salvation is Created - Tschesnokoff (2.3 MB mp3 file)
Mazama (excerpt) - Chattaway (2.2 MB mp3 file)
Silver Screen (excerpt) - Hart (2 MB mp3 file)
The Wizard of Oz (excerpt) - Arlen and Harburg (1 MB mp3 file)

Live audio courtesy of Peter Pichut and Jack Musgrove

Godzilla eats LA(Whitacre)

Wooden Warriors (Gorb)|Caught in Groove (Perrin)|Piccolo Polka (Burk)

Old Churches (Colgrass) |The Stone Guest (Hogg)|Walking Tune (Grainger)

Live video courtesy of Jack Musgrove, Denise Illing and Andrew van Gemert (average movie 5.2 MB)

2023 Gala Concert
"Beyond our Earth"
Guests: Samantha Du Rennes (vocal), Kerith Cummins (piano)
Danse Celestiale (Sheldon)
Jupiter Hymn (Holst/de Meij)
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Williams/Story)
Theme from Lost in Space (Williams/O'Loughlin)
Aurora Australis (Hancock)
Selection of Songs of Space
Space and Beyond (Strauss, Goldsmith, Holst, Williams/Moss)
Blue Moon Euphonium: Elliot Starkey (Rogers & Hart/Barker)
The Blue Danube (Strauss/Humphrey)
Transit of Venus (Sousa)
Celebrating John Williams (Williams/Lavender)

2022 Gala Concert
"Last Night of the Proms"
Guest: Richard Thomas (vocal)
Guest: Dennis Bull (bagpipes)
Guest: David Bonfa (clarinet)
Britannia (Various/Higgins)
Death or Glory (Hall/Walker)
The Man from Snowy River (Rowland/Bignell)
Viktor's Tale (for Clarinet) Clarinet: David Bonfa (Williams/Lavendar)
Rhapsody from Scotland (Lijnschooten)
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Oboes: Nicole Gee and Reagan Chan (Handel/Ricketts)
Irish Tune from County Derry Vocal: Richard Thomas (Grainger)
Highland Cathedral Bagpipes: Dennis Bull (Korb & Roever/Farnon)
A Welsh Rhapsody (Grundman)
Rule Britannia Vocal: Richard Thomas (Arne)
Pomp and Circumstance No. 1 Richard Thomas (Elgar/Retford & Reed)
Jerusalem Vocal: Richard Thomas (Parry/Sparke)
God Save the Queen Vocal: Richard Thomas (Unknown/Hultgren)
Auld Lang Syne Vocal: Richard Thomas (Burns/van Gemert)

2021 Gala Concert
There was no Gala in 2021 due to the global pandemic

2020 Gala Concert
There was no Gala in 2020 due to the global pandemic

2019 Gala Concert
"West End to Broadway - the next 50 years on stage"
Guest: Richard Thomas (vocal)
A Bit of Broadway (Porter/Cofield)
Highlights from Oliver (Bart/Ricketts)
Cabaret - Selections from the Musical (Kander/van Grevembroek)
You Can't Stop the Beat (Shaiman/Ricketts)
Selections from Chicago (Kander/Ricketts)
Anthem (from Chess) Vocal: Richard Thomas (Andersson/O'Loughlin)
Bui Toi (from Miss Saigon) Vocal: Richard Thomas (Schonberg/Thompson)
Stars (from Les Miserables) Vocal: Richard Thomas (Schoenberg/van Gemert)
Selections from Annie (Strouse/Lang)
Grease (Casey & Jacobs/Moss)
Some Enchanted Evening Vocal: Richard Thomas (Rodgers/de Meij)
Gethsemane (from Jesus Christ Superstar) Vocal: Richard Thomas (Lloyd-Webber/van Gemert)
This is the Moment (from Jekyll and Hyde) Vocal: Richard Thomas (Wildhorn/van Gemert)

2018 Gala Concert
"West End to Broadway - the first 50 years on stage"
Guest: Richard Thomas (vocal)
A Bit of Broadway (Porter/Cofield)
Charleston Forever (Various/Marcel)
Putting' on the Ritz (Berlin/Nowak)
Porgy and Bess (Gershwin/Barker)
'S Wonderful Vocal: Richard Thomas (Gershwin/Barker)
I get a Kick out of You Vocal: Richard Thomas (Porter/Hawker)
I've got You under my Skin Vocal: Richard Thomas (Porter/Hawker)
The Wizard of Oz (Arlen/Barnes)
Westside Story (Bernstein/Bocook)
Lerner and Loewe in Concert Vocal: Richard Thomas (Loewe/Barker)
Oklahoma Vocal: Richard Thomas (Rogers/Edmonson)
The Sound of Music Vocal: Richard Thomas (Rogers/Christensen)

2017 Gala Concert
"Music of the Big Screen"
Guests: Susan-ann Walker (vocalist) & Phil Scanlon (piano)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Badelt/Ricketts)
Silver Screen (Hart)
The Man from Snowy River (Rowland/Bocook)
The Typewriter (Anderson)
Charlie Chaplin Selections (Chaplin/Peeters)
Bond...James Bond (Various/Bulla)
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas (Whitacre)

2016 Gala Concert
"Foreign Affairs"
Guests: Valentino Gikovski & Sergio Ercole (guitar duo)
Los Toreros (Bouthier)
Fantasy on Sakura Sakura (Trad/Cramer)
Mekong (Smith)
Indah Pagi (Hogg)
Joropo (Moises/de Meij)
Suite on Russian Dances (Kenny)
Prince Igor Overture (Borodin/Bullock)
Variations on a Korean Folksong (Chance)
Shenandoah (Unknown/Ticheli)
New York 1927 (Barker)

2015 Gala Concert
"Music Moves"
Guest: Andrew Hondromatidis (vocal)
George Gershwin (Gershwin/Chase)
The Lord of the Dance (Hardiman/Saucedo)
The Goldfields [World Premier] (Mustafa)
The Blue Danube (Strauss/Humphrey)
When I fall in Love Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Heyman & Young/Nowak)
Sway Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Gimbel & Ruiz/Collins)
Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin/Del Borgo)
Sabre Dance (Khatchaturian/Bullock)
Dave Brubeck's "It's about time" (Desmond & Brubeck/Sayre)
Cole Porter Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Porter/Bennett)
Don't Rain on my Parade Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Merril & Styne)
Mack the Knife Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Brecht & Weil/Burger)

2014 Gala Concert
"The Music of War & the Centenary of WWI"
Guests: Rob Wagner (conductor), Andrew Hondromatidis (vocal), Sam Parry (bugle), Barry Clarke MC
Colonel Bogey (Alford)
American Salute (When Johnny Comes Marching Home) (Gould)
April 25th 1915 (Traditional/Hultgren)
American Patrol (March) (Meacham/Gray)
Egmont Overture (Beethoven/Hindsley)
The King Across the Water Guest Conductor: Rob Wagner (Fraser)
"Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Schonberg/Elliget)
Lawrence of Arabia (Jarre/Reed)
March Slave (Tschaikowsky/Laurendeau)
"Anthem" from Chess Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Andresson, Rice, Ulvaeus/O'Loughlin)
Vera Lynn Medley Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Lynn)
Radetsky March (Strauss/Johnson)
The Light Eternal Vocal: Andrew Hondromatidis (Swearingen)

2013 Gala Concert
"Visions in Music"
Guests: Belinda Hogarth and Erica Rasmussen (from BED Percussion)
Pablo (Meyer)
Silver Screen (Hart)
Voodoo (Bukvich)
Dutch Masters Suite (de Meij)
The Red Balloon (McGinty)
Space and Beyond (Various/Moss)
A Cambridge Triptych (Steadman-Allen)
Symphony No.1 (Bukvich)
Scenes from "The Louvre" (Dello Joio)
Pictures at an Exhibiton (Mussorgsky/Curnow)

2012 Gala Concert
"Broadway Spectacular"
Guests: Richard Thomas (vocal), Shirley Clarke (vocal) and Scott van Gemert (trombone)
Salute to Broadway (Various)
Cole Porter (Porter)
Over the Rainbow (Arlen)
Mack the Knife (Weill)
They can't take that away from me (Gershwin)
The King and I (Rodgers)
Beauty and the Beast (Menken)
The Producers (Brooks)
Big Spender (Coleman and Fields)
Don't Rain on My Parade (Merrill and Stein)
Opening Night on Broadway (Various)
Selections from Oklahoma (Rodgers)
Selections from The Sound of Music (Rodgers)

2011 Gala Concert
"Russian Rhapsody"
Guests: Nadezhda Kushnir (piano), Nadia Filianovskaia (vocal) and Justin Corlevetti (vocal)
Festive Overture, Opus 96 (Shostakovich/Hunsberger)
Salvation is Created (Tschesnokoff/Houseknecht)
Excerpts from The Firebird (Stravinsky/Bocook)
Polovtsian Dance No.1 from Prince Igor (Borodin/Newton)
Sheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov/Bocook)
Galop (Shostakovich/Hunsberger)
Russian Master Suite (Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky/Gordon)
Legend (Tchaikovsky/Hultgren)
Sabre Dance from Gayane Ballet (Khachaturian/Bullock)
Prince Igor Overture (Borodin/Bullock)
Pictures at an Exhibition (Mussorgsky/Curnow)
Folk Dances (Shostakovich/Curnow)

2010 Gala Concert
"Best of British"
Guests: Raymond Khong (vocal), Dennis Bull (bagpipes)
and the Oakleigh City Brass Band. Barry Clarke MC

Britannia (Trad/Higgins)
Florentiner March (Fucik)
Second Suite in F (Holst)
Wi' a Hundred Pipers (Trad/Farnon)
The Holy City (Trad)
Irish Tune from County Derry (Grainger)
A Welsh Rhapsody (Grundman)
Serenade (Bourgeios)
The King Across the Water (Fraser)
Pomp and Circumstance March No.1
- Land of Hope and Glory (Elgar)
Jerusalem (Parry/van Gemert)
God Save the Queen (Trad/van Gemert)
Auld Lang Syne (Trad/van Gemert)

2009 Gala Concert
"Celebrating Melody & Movement"
Guests: The Macleod Community Choir
Colonel Bogey (Alford/Fennell)
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel/Ricketts)
Pavane Pour une Infante Defunte (Ravel/Brubaker)
Brazilian Folk Dance Suite (Rhoads)
American Patrol (Meacham/Gray)
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Williams/Story)
Balkanya (Van der Roost)
Sabre Dance (Khachaturian/Bullock)
Puszta (Van der Roost)
Seis Manuel (Hanson)
Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss/Humphrey)
The Sound of Music (Rodgers/Christensen)

2008 Gala Concert
"...and All That Jazz"
Guests: Opus 21 Big Band
Take the 'A' Train (Strayhorn)
In the Miller Mood (Miller/Barker)
Caught in the Groove (Perrin)
Fitzroy Street Blues (Perrin)
Woody Herman in Concert (Herman/Lowden)
Tin Roof Blues (Rappolo)
King Porter Stomp (Morton)
Moonlight Serenade (Miller/Custer)
Satin Doll (Ellington/Custer)
American Patrol (Meacham/Scott)
On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper and Washington)
Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin/del Borgo)
C Jam Blues (Ellington/Custer)

2007 Gala Concert
"Stage & Screen"
Guest: Richard Thomas (vocal)
Another Opening (Porter)
Lawrence of Arabia (Jarre)
Westside Story (Bernstein)
Silver Screen (Hart)
The Wizard of Oz (Arlen and Harburg)
Twentiana (Various)
Lerner & Loewe in Concert (Loewe)
Space and Beyond (Various)
Lord of the Dance (Hardiman)
The Dam Busters March (Coates)
The King and I (Rodgers)
Oklahoma (Rodgers)
The Magnificent Seven (Bernstein)

2006 Gala Concert
"30 Years of Music in Manningham"
Guests: Manningham Children's Choir
and the Baulkham Hills High School Concert Band

The Little Ripper March (Stanhope)
The Hornet's Nest (Hultgren)
breathe(e) (Jones)
Australian Up-Country Tune (Grainger/Cliffe Bainum)
Streets of Forbes (Jones)
I Still Call Australia Home (Allen/Ford and Lawrence)
Australian Folk Song Medley (Elliget)
Children's March (Grainger/Wagner)
Gundagai (Elliget)
Promenade (Stanhope)
Kelly (Hogg)

2005 Gala Concert
"The Last Night of the Proms"
Guests: Richard Thomas and the Ringwood Highland Pipe Band
Britannia (Trad/Higgins)
The Man from Snowy River (Rowland)
Greensleeves (Trad/Reed)
Wi' A Hundred Pipers (Trad/Farnon)
Highland Cathedral (Roever and Korb)
Walking Tune (Grainger)
Lisbon (Grainger)
The Little Ripper March (Stanhorpe)
Irish Tune from County Derry (Grainger)
Country Gardens (Grainger)
Variations on Scarborough Fair (Trad/Custer)
The King Across the Water (Fraser)
A Welsh Rhapsody (Grundman)
Pomp and Circumstance March No.1
- Land of Hope and Glory (Elgar)
Jerusalem (Parry)

2004 Gala Concert
Guests: Doncaster Secondary College Choir
A Festive Celebration (Jenkins)
The Kings of France (Dello Joio)
The Red Balloon (McGinty)
Pablo (Meyer)
Carribean Hideaway (Barnes)
Psalm (Hogg)
Parade of the Wooden Warriors (Gorb)
Dies Irae (Verdi)
The Lion King (John/Rice)

2003 Gala Concert
"Music on the Pacific Rim"
Guests: Permai Javanese Gamelan Orchestra
Parada Mexicana (Cacavas)
Down Longford Way (Grainger/Osman)
Walking Tune (Grainger/Daehn)
Variations on a Korean Folk Song (Barnes Chance)
Fantasia on Sakura Sakura (Cramer)
Inchon (Smith)
Aue! (Marshall)
Salvation is Created (Tschesnokoff)
Mazama (Chattaway)

2002 Gala Concert
"Music from Europe"
Guest: Shaun Jones (piano)
Espani Cani (Marquina/Longfield)
Malaguena (Lecuona/Sweeney)
L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (Bizet/Finck)
Tarantella (Traditional/Reed)
Slavonic Dance No.8 Op.46 (Dvorak/Longfield)
Hungarian Dance No.5 (Brahms/Longfield)
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral (Wagner/Bocook)
A Finnish Rhapsody (Traditional & Sibelius/Grundman)
Pictures at an Exhibition (Mussorgsky/Curnow)

2001 Gala Concert
"A Musical Odyssey"
Guests: Richard Thomas (vocal) and Shaun Jones (piano)
Space and Beyond (Various/Moss)
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Williams/Story)
Symphony No.41 "Jupiter" (Mozart/Baker)
The Planets "Venus" (Holst/van Gemert)
The Planets "Jupiter Hymn" (Holst/deMeij)
John Williams in Concert (Williams/Lavender)
Children's March (Grainger/Wagner)
Sang! (Wilson)
By the River's Bend (Barker)
Irish Tune from County Derry (Grainger)
Death or Glory March (Hall/Walker)


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